• Bruce G.

    Bruce G.

    Outstanding from beginning estimate to final installation.  Staff were all professional, knowledgeable, and polite.  I just moved from my home where I had an older generation water softener for 13 years.  During that time there I had no plumbing or appliance issues due to hard water.  That investment 13 years ago saved me hundreds of dollars. I just recently moved into an older home in Escondido and it did not have a water softener system, however it did have one of those expensive "whole house" water filter systems by Lifesource.  I thought cool, a whole house water filter system, however I was shocked at how hard the water was, smell, and just not good quality compared to what I had before. Dishwasher, Ice maker, clothes washer, faucets, shower heads, hot water heater all showed signs of excessive water mineral build up with the Lifesource system.  The best it seemed to do was remove the chlorine and that wasn't very efficient because water municipalities are now also adding ammonia to the water also with chlorine for bacteria control.  So I spent 3 months researching new systems knowing I wanted true water softening along with filtering. I came across the Charger water treatment pro series and called Jaye at All Cities Water Treatment for an appointment.  This system is incredible, and more advanced in regard to digital automation, and monitoring needs of the household based upon demand.  It's also much more efficient in terms of waste water and regeneration resulting in much less waste.  Bottom line, the Charger system does everything the "whole house" systems claim and much more because you also get true soft water.  Amazing, and I started feeling and tasting the difference within 24 hours after installation.  I do handyman services throughout the San Diego market any many of my plumbing and appliance jobs are because of the very hard water here.  So, I highly recommend to anyone looking to save a lot of your hard earned $$ to invest in one of these systems as it will preserve your plumbing and appliances for years and you'll also enjoy better tasting water, better laundry, better soap lather with less soap, and more.  Best small investment a home owner can make with great returns also if you ever decide to sell.
  • Carole G.

    Carole G.

    We want to acknowledge the great installation job and superior products offered by All Cities Water Treatment. We purchased a whole house water softener and reverse osmosis under the kitchen sink.  Everything is working beautifully and our water is noticeably improved... Marc was terrific to work with - no hard sell - just great information to help us decide what we needed. The installers were right on time, efficient, helpful, and knowledgeable.  We are so very pleased we found All Cities Water Treatment and thank them for a job well done.
  • Marilyn H.

    Marilyn H.

    I'm very pleased with my experience with All Cities Water Treatment! Jaye was very professional and knowledgeable about what would be required for my installation. Rick, the installer was prompt and skilled, installing the softener unit in my garage.
    I also had a filter system for drinking/cooking water installed and couldn't be happier with water taste and esthetics of the faucet.
    I highly recommend this company, they work hard to provide the best options for your household.
  • Kathryn E.

    Kathryn E.

    Great experience thus far.  We initially met with a competitor and were given a long winded presentation regarding San Diego water.  We didn't realize how little we actually knew about how the product worked until meeting with Marc.  Learned more in 20 mins with him vs 2 hours with a competitor.  Plus the cost was considerably cheaper, glad we did the research before we were stuck with a expensive product.  Softener and RO installed today.  The guys were super professional, knowledgeable and friendly.  They were done in about 4 hours.  We haven't fully experienced the water yet.  I have washed my hands a couple times and my skin already feels great. Husband took a shower and could feel a difference.  All cities definitely earns their 5 stars!
  • George Z.

    George Z.

    Wonderful experience! I needed to replace my Costco Reverse Osmosis System. I called and talked with Rosa. She was an excellent representative for the business, She was very friendly and had all the information I needed. I was able to schedule an install very quickly. Marvin installed the new Matrix 75 RO  system. He was very personable, answered all my questions and showed me what had broken on the old system. He installed the system quickly and expertly, tailoring the system to my available dimensions. I am now only using half the space I used before under the sink. Overall a very superior customer experience, especially after the hassle I had trying to fix the old system myself.
  • James J.

    James J.

    Thank you All Cities W.T. and Marvin for awesome service. Marvin was extremely knowledgeable and professional. My water taste great! If I consider a water softener I will call Marvin at All Cities W.T.
  • J R.

    J R.

    10 out of 10 stars!!! We are so happy we discovered All Cities for replacing our water softener. We checked out lots of other options - even DIY. And All Cities had the best quality and a great price. Then what terrific service!! Friendly, prompt, thorough, accommodating, honest and experienced! EXCEPTIONAL people, products and service. Look no further for your water treatment needs.
  • Stephanie T.

    Stephanie T.

    Just had our filter installed by Jaye - he was wonderful! Very professional and knowledeable and did a great job overall. We are really excited for our system.  Thanks so much!
  • Jan T.

    Jan T.

    Great Customer Service. I've used them for several years now, always on time and clean up. No leaks. Also had to call on them several times this year because of 1. Flooring contractors who didn't want to take responsibility for a leak and 2. Getting a new Refrigerator installed-installers required a specific shut off valve behind refrigerator. ALL CITIES has been responsive and gone the extra mile when I've had problems.
  • Foodtalk T.

    Foodtalk T.

    I had called All Cities to replace the water filters on drinking water system and Jaye was the most  professional yet friendly technician. He had originally installed both the water filter system and the water softener. He gave me great advice on my sprinkler system too! In addition, every time I call the office, they are polite and friendly. I give him and All Cities top scores.
  • Keli G.

    Keli G.

    We've had an All Cities Water Treatment drinking water filter system for probably 20 years. System wasn't working very well probably because of the age and the amount of usage it had received. We had All City come out take a look evaluate what we needed and make some great recommendations. Marvin did a great job giving us a fair good price and a nice discount and installed a whole new system in less than an hour great service recommend it for everyone... fresh clean water everyday 🙂
  • Gene L.

    Gene L.

    Our 12 year-old water softening system was no longer softening our water and it was also reducing our water pressure inside our house.  We called several vendors including All Cities Water Treatment to inquire about replacing it.  We chose All Cities because they seemed very knowledgeable and honest and did not seem to be pushing fancy expensive systems.  They carried multiple reasonable, no frills systems and their prices were significantly lower than what other vendors had quoted.  We were able to schedule in a few days for them to come and replace the system.  The service person was very courteous and professional and finished replacing the system in about 1.5 hours.  They also provided several bags of salt without charge.  The system has been working great for the past three months and we noticed it is extremely efficient with much less salt usage compared to our old system. Rather than replenishing 80 lbs of salt every three months, it looks like that amount of salt will last 5-6 months.  I would highly recommend All Cities Water Treatment if you need to purchase and install a new water softening system.
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