• Tommy D.

    Tommy D.

    David came out to install my softener in a quickly manner, explained how it works and ran copper piping from my drain to laundry drain which is on the other side of the garage. Water feels different than before and would recommend it to anyone looking to get water treatment for their homes.
  • patrick c.

    patrick c.

    We have been customers of All Cities since 1999.  The service has been Great.   Warrantee service has been very good, they have been very good explaining what is happening and why.  The first of the year we replaced the RO system.  Smaller, more efficient and better placed, it is also easier to service.  
    This week we replaced the soft water system.  The old unit was 15 + years old, and parts were getting tired.  The new units are far more efficient, the foot print is similar.  He guys doing the work, David and Jayne were efficient, thoughtful and RIGHT ON TIME!!!!  Everything went as planned.  Happy Campers.  I recommend them to anyone who is tired of the crummy San Diego water.
  • Karen P.

    Karen P.

    We recently completed a home remodel which included new appliances. We decided to get soft water to preserve the life of our new purchases. We consulted with many companies and decided on ALL CITIES Water Treatment for our job. They are a local company and most of their equipment is made in USA. Their products are made especially for the hard water that we have here in San Diego. We met with Marc and found him to be honest, and very knowledgeable about the best system for our needs. He has been in business locally for  considerable time. We purchased a Charger Water Softener and a Sierra 6 stage Reverse Osmosis system for our drinking H20. No more carrying heavy cases of bottled water or standing in line to fill up big heavy containers for me. The installation process went very well. The installer was knowledgeable, efficient, very clean & tidy, timely, and  informative showing us the entire system in detail and how it worked. We were very happy with the entire process and would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to upgrade their home water. We love the taste of our new drinking water and especially love the way our coffee tastes in the am. We plan to use ALL CITIES yearly to service our equipment and replace our filter.
  • Vickie A.

    Vickie A.

    If you are looking for a water treatment system for your home I highly recommend All Cities Water Treatment.  Jay is very knowledgeable and will spend as much time as you need explaining your options and how each of the systems work. The installers, Joe and David, are also highly knowledgeable and do an excellent job. They are all also very friendly and easy to work with and will make sure all of your questions are answered and that you are happy with the system.  We have had our soft water system for about three weeks now and I must say it is much nicer than I had expected, wish we had done this a number of years ago, don't know why I waited.
  • S. M.

    S. M.

    Honest, professional, personal, courteous, respectful, responsive, highly skilled, very knowledgeable, and a really nice, actual person, answers the phone, how cool is that! You will not regret calling All Cities Water if you have any water treatment needs. Jaye was excellent at explaining our options and not trying to sell us something that wouldn't work for us. (He was more knowledgeable than another company we approached.) All Cities Water pricing is very competitive and they were able to install the systems for us quickly, no waiting. David J., who came to install the house filtration and RO systems, is an expert at soldering pipes. It is rare to see that kind of quality these days; you can tell he takes pride in his work. David was a delight to have around the house that morning and he was very tidy too. Not only did All Cities make sure everything was installed and working properly but that it looked good too. I would trust them with any plumbing issue. Oh and the water is drinkable now, thanks!
  • Chris C.

    Chris C.

    We just got the Charger Pro 1054 water softener installed at my new home. Jaye and David did an excellent job with installation. In fact, they found an alternate (and better aesthetically) route for my discharge line. Total time was about 3 hours.

    Marc was helpful throughout the whole process. He took time to explain the differences between salt and salt free systems. And he followed-up with me throughout the process.
  • Joseph L.

    Joseph L.

    Amazing service from Jaye and David. The prior positive reviews are on the money. Both technicians were professional, friendly and knew their craft perfectly. They were able to make the correct settings too my existing soft water system, convey the information in a manner that made it easy to understand and ensured 100% satisfaction.

    Will be calling this company again whenever the need arises.

    Thank you!
  • Dustin B.

    Dustin B.

    Water Cities' Senior Technician, Marvin, has been out to work on our water system a couple times now. Both times I was very impressed with how professional and knowledgeable he is. Last time he came out, he even saved me some money just by being honest about what did and didn't need fixing or replacing. I'll request him by name going forward.
  • Taktomi O.

    Taktomi O.

    After comparing a couple quotes, we felt comfortable going w Jaye. Knowledgeable, local, honest, punctual, friendly and competitively priced. He has delivered on everything above expectations. We installed it about a month ago. The difference in the water is unbelievable. We purchased the whole house filtration plus the reverse osmosis. Best money spent. If you are worried about your water, do yourselves a favor and call these guys!
  • Kathryn E.

    Kathryn E.

    Great experience thus far.  We initially met with a competitor and were given a long winded presentation regarding San Diego water.  We didn't realize how little we actually knew about how the product worked until meeting with Marc.  Learned more in 20 mins with him vs 2 hours with a competitor.  Plus the cost was considerably cheaper, glad we did the research before we were stuck with a expensive product.  Softener and RO installed today.  The guys were super professional, knowledgeable and friendly.  They were done in about 4 hours.  We haven't fully experienced the water yet.  I have washed my hands a couple times and my skin already feels great. Husband took a shower and could feel a difference.  All cities definitely earns their 5 stars!
  • Daniel C.

    Daniel C.

    I can't say it enough.  I hate bad contractors, installers, technicians.  This seems to be at the opposite end.  I can't say enough good things about All Cities.  These guys are so easy and wonderful to deal with.  Super informative, super friendly, and super professional.  I don't know about any of the technicians, but Joe would be someone I'd recommend to all my friends for sure.  Every business should be like this.  It's so frustrating that most businesses' services just aren't up to par.  Well at least theirs is and at an affordable price.  Mark was the salesman, and Joe was the technician.  Couldn't be happier for now.  We'll see how it goes!
  • Edward B.

    Edward B.

    I was in the market for a water softener system ND reverse osmosis for my home. After calling a few of the major companies I decided to get the equipment myself and hire a plumber to do the install. The larger companies were charging almost double what Jaye charged. Initial conversation with Jaye was great. He explained the entire process and confirmed my research. Jaye provided a great quote and was able to get me in within 3 days. Joe was the technician that did the install. Very professional and fast. He explained what was going on and keep me abreast every step of the process. All Cities Water exceeded my expectations. As the mantra goes "If I would have known then what I know now"... I would have done this sooner. If youre in the market give them a call. You will not be disappointed.
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