• Gene L.

    Gene L.

    Our 12 year-old water softening system was no longer softening our water and it was also reducing our water pressure inside our house.  We called several vendors including All Cities Water Treatment to inquire about replacing it.  We chose All Cities because they seemed very knowledgeable and honest and did not seem to be pushing fancy expensive systems.  They carried multiple reasonable, no frills systems and their prices were significantly lower than what other vendors had quoted.  We were able to schedule in a few days for them to come and replace the system.  The service person was very courteous and professional and finished replacing the system in about 1.5 hours.  They also provided several bags of salt without charge.  The system has been working great for the past three months and we noticed it is extremely efficient with much less salt usage compared to our old system. Rather than replenishing 80 lbs of salt every three months, it looks like that amount of salt will last 5-6 months.  I would highly recommend All Cities Water Treatment if you need to purchase and install a new water softening system.
  • Tommy D.

    Tommy D.

    David came out to install my softener in a quickly manner, explained how it works and ran copper piping from my drain to laundry drain which is on the other side of the garage. Water feels different than before and would recommend it to anyone looking to get water treatment for their homes.
  • Bruce G.

    Bruce G.

    Outstanding from beginning estimate to final installation.  Staff were all professional, knowledgeable, and polite.  I just moved from my home where I had an older generation water softener for 13 years.  During that time there I had no plumbing or appliance issues due to hard water.  That investment 13 years ago saved me hundreds of dollars. I just recently moved into an older home in Escondido and it did not have a water softener system, however it did have one of those expensive "whole house" water filter systems by Lifesource.  I thought cool, a whole house water filter system, however I was shocked at how hard the water was, smell, and just not good quality compared to what I had before. Dishwasher, Ice maker, clothes washer, faucets, shower heads, hot water heater all showed signs of excessive water mineral build up with the Lifesource system.  The best it seemed to do was remove the chlorine and that wasn't very efficient because water municipalities are now also adding ammonia to the water also with chlorine for bacteria control.  So I spent 3 months researching new systems knowing I wanted true water softening along with filtering. I came across the Charger water treatment pro series and called Jaye at All Cities Water Treatment for an appointment.  This system is incredible, and more advanced in regard to digital automation, and monitoring needs of the household based upon demand.  It's also much more efficient in terms of waste water and regeneration resulting in much less waste.  Bottom line, the Charger system does everything the "whole house" systems claim and much more because you also get true soft water.  Amazing, and I started feeling and tasting the difference within 24 hours after installation.  I do handyman services throughout the San Diego market any many of my plumbing and appliance jobs are because of the very hard water here.  So, I highly recommend to anyone looking to save a lot of your hard earned $$ to invest in one of these systems as it will preserve your plumbing and appliances for years and you'll also enjoy better tasting water, better laundry, better soap lather with less soap, and more.  Best small investment a home owner can make with great returns also if you ever decide to sell.
  • B B.

    B B.

    Great service and water tastes and feels so much better.  Good to do biz with a local company I can trust
  • S. M.

    S. M.

    Honest, professional, personal, courteous, respectful, responsive, highly skilled, very knowledgeable, and a really nice, actual person, answers the phone, how cool is that! You will not regret calling All Cities Water if you have any water treatment needs. Jaye was excellent at explaining our options and not trying to sell us something that wouldn't work for us. (He was more knowledgeable than another company we approached.) All Cities Water pricing is very competitive and they were able to install the systems for us quickly, no waiting. David J., who came to install the house filtration and RO systems, is an expert at soldering pipes. It is rare to see that kind of quality these days; you can tell he takes pride in his work. David was a delight to have around the house that morning and he was very tidy too. Not only did All Cities make sure everything was installed and working properly but that it looked good too. I would trust them with any plumbing issue. Oh and the water is drinkable now, thanks!
  • K t.

    K t.

    We bought our house about 5 yrs ago and then had the RO system serviced by SoCal Water. It was overdue for a tune up and I called SoCal again. Their service was so poor that they never even showed up to service my house (they called 1 day to cancel, we rschl, then I called to confirm and they never even called back!) Horrible! I was already annoyed. I went to yelp to look for another  company and it was quite difficult most did installs only. Luckily ran across All Cities! He called back, was super friendly, gave me a price over the phone,  called 30 min before arriving and Marvin did the install. He seemed very honest, worked quickly, moved things around under the sink to maximize the space and was out the door. I'm very happy with All Cities and will surely be going to them next for my water softener upgrade.
  • Jan T.

    Jan T.

    Great Customer Service. I've used them for several years now, always on time and clean up. No leaks. Also had to call on them several times this year because of 1. Flooring contractors who didn't want to take responsibility for a leak and 2. Getting a new Refrigerator installed-installers required a specific shut off valve behind refrigerator. ALL CITIES has been responsive and gone the extra mile when I've had problems.
  • William E.

    William E.

    New carbon just installled by  Marvin.

    Quick efficient service, even though I was full of ????'s.
  • Edward B.

    Edward B.

    I was in the market for a water softener system ND reverse osmosis for my home. After calling a few of the major companies I decided to get the equipment myself and hire a plumber to do the install. The larger companies were charging almost double what Jaye charged. Initial conversation with Jaye was great. He explained the entire process and confirmed my research. Jaye provided a great quote and was able to get me in within 3 days. Joe was the technician that did the install. Very professional and fast. He explained what was going on and keep me abreast every step of the process. All Cities Water exceeded my expectations. As the mantra goes "If I would have known then what I know now"... I would have done this sooner. If youre in the market give them a call. You will not be disappointed.
  • Bailey W.

    Bailey W.

    I was referred by a neighbor who use All Cities. Jay was great. Came out to school me and their prices were right in  line. I has an issue that he cleared up over the phone. Our water never felt better
  • Edward E.

    Edward E.

    I was very happy with the service from the site visit to give me an estimate of the cost  to the installation.

    People were on time, friendly, and the job was completed without hassles.

    I would recommend All Cities.
  • Marilyn H.

    Marilyn H.

    I researched several firms and found All Cities to be the most knowledgeable and straight forward about their quote & installation.
    When they did an annual replacement of filters the technician was very informative, explaining some things in more detail.
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