License #631304. (C55 & C36)

Sierra Reverse Osmosis

6 Stages of Filtration

6 Stages of Filtration

The Nimbus Sierra6 Drinking system is a 6 stage reverse osmosis system that we specifically customized for San Diego’s water. The original Nimbus Sierra 4 stage from the manufacture was beefed up to a 6 stage for better pre-treatment.
Hygienically Sealed Cartridges

Hygienically Sealed Cartridges

The unique hygienically sealed filter cartridges offer an easy solution when having to replace the filters, and offers a cleaner more sanitary environment within the system.
Sierra Membrane

Sierra Membrane

The Sierra Membrane offers 36 gallons of pure water a day.
  • Specifications

    6 Stage
    36 GPD
    5 Micron Particulate
    Granulated Activated
    36GPD Membrane
    1 to 3.5
    2.5 Gallons
    Brush Nickel or Chrome
    14.5 “
    12 “
    NSF/ANSI 58
    Operating Conditions
    33-100 °F
    45-80 PSI
    60 PSI


  • Rejection Chart

    Contaminants Reduces /Rejects Contaminants Reduces /Rejects
    Sodium Yes Chromium-6 Yes
    Calcium Yes Chromium-3 Yes
    Magnesium Yes Sodium Yes
    Potassium Yes Lead Yes
    Iron 2 Yes Chloride Yes
    Manganese 2 Yes Bicarbonate Yes
    Aluminum Yes Nitrate3 Yes
    Copper Yes Fluoride Yes
    Nickel Yes Phosphate Yes
    Zinc Yes Chromate Yes
    Strontium Yes Cyanide Yes
    Cadmium Yes Sulfate Yes
    Silver Yes Arsenic + 3 Yes
    Mercury Yes Arsenic + 5 Yes
    Barium Yes Selenium Yes
    Radioactivity Yes Asbestos Yes
    Bacteria Yes Sediment Yes
    Protozoa Yes Turbidity Yes
    Ameobic Yes Giardia Yes
    Cysts Yes
    Organic Contaminants Organic molecules with a molecular weight < 300 Yes Organic molecules with a molecular weight < 3005 Yes
    This information is extracted from the Water Quality Association WQA.
  • Upgrades

    Alkaline Remineralizer

    Alkaline Remineralizer

    Introducing our advanced Alkaline Water Filter, a meticulously crafted blend of Far-Infrared Ceramic, Tourmaline Ceramic, Magnesium Ceramic, Alkaline Ceramic, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide, and ORP Ceramic. This innovative filter not only elevates your water’s pH levels and reduces Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) but also infuses essential electrolytes and trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc, silica, strontium, selenium, and lithium. Experience the perfect fusion of technology and nature as our Alkaline Water Filter transforms your water into a revitalizing elixir, promoting optimal hydration and well-being with every refreshing sip.
    Leak Detector

    Leak Detector

    This upgrade offers an extra sense of security that not only detects leaks and alerts you but also automatically shuts the drinking system off.
  • Documentation

  • Frequent Questions

    What is Reverse Osmosis or RO?
    Reverse osmosis is the gold standard for drinking water purification. RO water purification has been used for decades to remove a wide variety of suspended solids like dirt, silt, algae, bacteria and cyst parasites as well as dissolved solids like sodium, fluoride, lead and arsenic.

    Reverse osmosis membranes reduce the concentration of dissolved solids, including a variety of ions and metals, and very fine suspended solids that may be found in water.

    In the reverse osmosis process, pressure is applied to one side of a selective or semi-permeable membrane barrier. Purified water flows through the membrane. Concentrated salts, metals and various suspended solids are prevented from passing through the membrane due to feed pressure, solute concentration and water flux rate as well as the charged membrane surface itself.

    Because this technique reverses the normal process of osmosis, it came to be called reverse osmosis or RO.

    What is the difference between filtration and reverse osmosis or RO?
    Regular filters exclude (or retain) particles based on size. This sieving process is generally independent of pressure or concentration. Reverse osmosis or RO water purification involves a diffusive mechanism where water forced through a semi-permeable membrane. The separation of pure water from dissolved and suspended solids is achieved via solute concentration, pressure, and water flux rate.

    How do I find out what disinfection agents are being used by my local water utility?
    If you are curious about how the water from your local water utility is treated, a 1998 Federal mandate requires all municipal water treatment facilities to prepare annual water quality reports called Consumer Confidence Reports. Ask your local water utility for a copy of this report.

    How can I measure the contaminants in my drinking water?
    We offer a service where we will come out to your home (San Diego County), test your water, and service your equipment. However, we also sell TDS meters that allow a quick overall total dissolved solids test on your water. For more information on TDS visit Wikipedia.org. To schedule us to come out and service your equipment please contact our office.